Transform Your Aspirations Into Achievements!

Hello there! I’m Komita Liggans a Certified Executive and Personal Development Coach empowering mid-career professionals and entreprenurs to navigate roadblocks in business and careers with efficiency.

You’re probably here because you are at a critical point in your career or business journey.

  • Feeling stuck?
  • Not sure what your next moves should be?
  • Feel like there’s never enough time in a day to achieve the things you want to do?
The Aspire & Achieve Blueprint:
5 Steps to Mastering Your Next Move
  • Clarifying your goals
  • Conquering your perceived limitations
  • Optimizing your skills
  • Actionable planning
  • Effective execution

My coaching approach has been crafted to help you efficiently transform your aspirations into achievements.

Holistic Approach:

I believe in the synergy of professional and personal growth, ensuring my coaching impacts all facets of your life.

Customized Strategies:

My packages are tailored to meet you where you are and take you where you want to be, respecting your unique journey.

Balanced Lifestyle Focus:

I prioritize a burnout-free approach, recognizing the importance of work-life harmony in sustained success.

Continuous Support and Adaptability:

 From email support to breakthrough calls, I adapt to your needs and pace, ensuring consistent and flexible support.

Exclusive Resources:

My clients gain access to a wealth of resources to accelerate growth with ease and efficiency.

What Makes My Integrated Growth Coaching Unique?

Why My Approach?

Professional Clarity & Momentum: A Mid-Career EVOKE Journey

Professional Clarity & Momentum: A Mid-Career EVOKE Journey is tailored for mid-career professionals who are looking to redefine their career paths with renewed purpose and vigor.

This coaching leverages the EVOKE Framework, a time-tested method that has been instrumental in transforming team performance into a powerful tool for personal and professional growth.

Key Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Clarity: Gain a crystal-clear understanding of your personal and professional objectives, aligning your career trajectory with your core values and aspirations.
  2. Strategic Visioning: Break through the mid-career plateau by developing the ability to think expansively about your career possibilities, moving beyond perceived limitations.
  3. Skill Optimization: Identify and enhance skills that align with your career advancement goals to help propel your professional growth.
  4. Actionable Planning: Transition from conceptual thinking to practical doing. You’ll create a detailed, actionable plan that maps out the steps needed to achieve your redefined career goals.
  5. Effective Execution: Learn to implement your strategies with confidence and adaptability, essential skills for navigating the complex and ever-changing professional landscape.

Entrepreneurial Empowerment: EVOKE for Business Success

Entrepreneurial Empowerment: EVOKE for Business Success” is dynamic coaching designed for entrepreneurs at pivotal points in their business journey.

This coaching adapts the EVOKE Framework to the unique challenges and opportunities faced by entrepreneurs, facilitating a transition from ideas to impactful business achievements.

Key Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Clarity: Gain a clear understanding of both personal and business objectives, ensuring that your entrepreneurial vision is sharp and focused.
  2. Strategic Visioning: Develop the ability to think expansively about innovative approaches to business growth and envision your business’s success beyond current market trends and perceived limitations.
  3. Skill Optimization: Identify and enhance skills that are crucial not just for personal development but for the growth of your business.
  4. Actionable Planning: Move from big-picture thinking to execution. You’ll create a practical, detailed action plan that maps out the steps needed to achieve your redefined business goals.
  5. Effective Execution: Learn to implement your business strategies with confidence. This includes adapting to market changes, overcoming obstacles, and seizing opportunities with agility and foresight.

Why Work With Me?

Expertise Backed by Credentials

ICF credentialed Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Certified Executive Coach

Certified Personal Development Coach

MSc in Organizational Leadership

20+ years of Real-world Experience

Working with business and people leaders.

Working with and leading diverse teams.

A Personal Journey of Transformation

Having felt stuck and overwhelmed myself, I’ve navigated the path of personal and professional change.

200+ 1:1 Coaching Hours

Proven system refined to make professional development accessible, efficient, and effective.

Focus on Holistic Development

Empowering you to become more dynamic, productive, and successful burnt-out-free.

Tailored Coaching Experience

I adapt my Integrated Growth Coaching to meet your specific needs and aspirations.

Commitment to Your Growth

As a Personal and Professional Development enthusiast, it’s my jam to empower you to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.


What Are People Saying?

Komita has been a wonderful coach. She has helped me to see where I’m stuck and how to move through it to stay productive and reach my goals. My time working with her has been very helpful and encouraging. I’ve been more focused and driven to achieve than I’ve been in quite some time.
Melanie C.
Program Manager
I am blessed to have worked with Coach Komita. She has such a calm demeanor and is a great listener. She takes time to allow you to get your thoughts out even when you feel like you’re not expressing yourself well; she understands. I think it’s truly a gift how she gives input but allows you to make your own choice with goals that work for you. I found Coach Komita to be extremely encouraging throughout our sessions together. She truly gave me a new perspective on my thought processes.
Angela R.
Program Manager
Working with Komita, I have gained momentum while maintaining balance in accomplishing my goals for my business brand and my personal life. The best part about working with Komita is her honesty, weekly encouragement, and check-ins that hold me accountable. After working with her, I would say that every business owner needs to invest in a business or executive coach.
Jazmine w.
Ezinatopia, CEO
Working with Komita was such an honor. She knew how to push me to dig deeper. Her commitment to my improvement inspired me to want more for myself. I am now more confident as a leader, not because I know it all, but because she has shown me the beauty in the growth process.
Nicole M.
Lab Technical Manager


Choose a 90-minute Strategy Call or 1 on 1 Ongoing Coaching


If you’re looking to receive inexpensive 1 on 1 help where you jump-start your aspirations into achievements, then this concentrated Strategy Call is for you.

Sign up to get access to a 90-minute call with me where I’ll help you strategize the next moves for navigating a career crossroads or business aspiration. We’ll focus on clarifying your goals, overcoming barriers, addressing personal efficiency needs, and crafting a strategy and action plan tailored for you to master your next moves with efficiency and insight.

1on1 Ongoing Coaching


If you’re looking to receive ongoing guidance on achieving specific goals in your career or business endeavors, then this experience is for you. And it all starts with a FREE consultation!

My coaching services provide 1 on 1 coaching calls weekly or every other week for 12 weeks to consistently master your next move for your career or business vision. This will include career and business assessments to elevate your personalized audits and in-depth steps each week depending on what you’re looking to learn, overcome, or accomplish. I’ll leverage my EVOKE Achievement Framework to ensure a balanced, burnout-free lifestyle while you turn your aspirations into achievements.