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Increase your effectiveness. Use professional development to inspire, motivate, and deliver meaningful experiences to yourself and others.

Meet Komita

“I am very grateful to have had the experience of working with Komita as it has given a different dimension of thought and approach to my staff. The experience has been invaluable to the individual staff and the company as a whole. As a result of her coaching, my team leaders are more confident, communicate better, and are solutions-driven.”
Nziza R.
“Komita helped enhance my mind to think of solutions to the problems on my own. She then guided me into making commitments to fulfill certain tasks discussed. It was one of the most impactful leadership training I have ever had.”
Sharon A.
Finance & Admin. Manager
“Komita provided invaluable counsel and insight to the senior management team and executives. One of her specialties was the early detection of problems and coaching senior managers and C-suite personnel toward “win-win” solutions. Additionally, her calmness in emergencies was unparalleled. It was an honor to work with her.”
Carlton B.
“No matter where you are in your journey, Komita will nudge you further.”
Carita C.
Nurse Practioner

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