The Ultimate Sunsama Review – Is This the Game-Changing Task Manager You’ve Been Waiting For?”

If you are anything like me you’ve had a time where you felt like you’re juggling tasks on a tightrope, balancing your calendar in one hand and emails in the other?

Enter Sunsama, an app that’s changing the game for professionals everywhere.

I know what you’re thinking – “Another productivity tool?” But hold onto your skepticism just yet. What if I said this isn’t just another insignificant addition?

Keep reading because we’re about to unveil some exciting details…

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Sunsama Review: A Comprehensive Look

What is Sunsama?

Sunsama isn’t just another productivity tool. It combines all of your tasks, meetings, and priorities into one place so you can plan out your workday effectively.

Beyond managing daily tasks or plans, Sunsama lets users reflect on their accomplishments at the end of each day – an important feature for those seeking more than just organization from their apps.

It’s like having your digital assistant who never gets tired—always ready to help you tackle your planning process with gusto.

What Makes Sunsama Stand Out?

If productivity tools were superheroes, Sunsama would be the one wearing a cape made of unique features.

Beneath its exterior, Sunsama stands out by offering working professionals a unique understanding of their needs. While some apps give you space to list tasks, Sunsama lets you store tasks strategically—and believe me when I say there’s magic in the method.


The real kicker? The focus mode feature is designed for those moments when distractions seem more appealing than your mile-long task list.

Just imagine transforming an overwhelming day into bite-sized pieces of productivity—that’s what makes people love Sunsama so much.

Integrating Your Work Life with Sunsama

Sunsama treats calendar integration like an art form—it seamlessly syncs up with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar without breaking a sweat.

So whether you’re plotting out scheduled meetings or blocking time frames for deep work sessions, this planning app has got your back.

This isn’t about reinventing the wheel but rather giving it some high-tech bearings—the kind that lets you glide through Gmail or Outlook with ease while keeping all your ducks in line within one viewable calendar landscape.

The Daily Planning Process with Sunsama

A day plan can either be a roadmap to success or just another pretty picture—Sunsana ensures it’s always the former by organizing daily tasks effectively.

Think about it; wouldn’t prioritizing schedule commitments feel less daunting if they looked less like mountain peaks and more like stepping stones? That’s exactly what happens here—you get clarity on where to spend time each day without feeling swamped.

With its strong features blended with an easy-to-use interface, Sunsama strikes the right balance for effective task management.

Pricing and Trial Period

You may wonder about its cost. Well, the monthly plan for Sun Sama costs $20 which gives full access to its features.

But before pulling out that credit card, there’s good news. They offer a 14-day free trial period allowing potential users like yourself to give it a test drive without any commitment. You can explore the platform in its entirety without any obligation during this no-cost trial period.

Key Features of Sunsama

If you’ve been searching for a task management tool that blends calendar functions with task lists, then look no further than Sunsama.

This robust application boasts features designed to streamline your workflow and keep you on track.

Task Creation and Management

Sunsama is not just about listing tasks; it’s about helping users create meaningful work schedules.

To start, the process of creating tasks in Sunsama is as easy as typing out what needs to be done and hitting enter.

The real power lies in setting start dates and due dates for each task. It helps visualize your workload over time so you can manage your commitments effectively.

But there’s more. As soon as a new task enters the system, Sunsama begins tracking its progress – giving clear insights into how well we’re moving through our goals or where we need some extra push.

Sorting, Focus Mode, and Calendar Integration

A unique feature that sets Sunsama apart from other tools is sorting.

With this function, arranging daily priorities becomes a breeze because it allows us to drag and drop our tasks according to their urgency or importance throughout the day.

In case distractions are stealing away productivity hours from your day (hello social media.), worry not.

Enter: Focus mode – an exclusive feature designed by Sunsama. Once activated, this tool minimizes potential interruptions by displaying only one task at a time until completed. Say goodbye to multitasking madness.

Finally, we have calendar integration. Sunsama allows you to view and manage your tasks right from your calendar – a feature that bridges the gap between planning time and executing tasks.

Doing so, not only saves us from toggling between different apps but also gives an integrated picture of our work schedule.

Key takeaway

Looking for a task management tool that blends calendar functions with task lists? Sunsama’s got you covered. With easy-to-create tasks, start and due dates to visualize your workload, progress tracking, sorting features, focus mode to avoid distractions, and seamless calendar integration. It streamlines workflow and boosts productivity by providing an integrated view of your work schedule.

Calendar Views for Better Scheduling

You’re juggling a day packed with meetings, deadlines, and the ever-present mountain of emails.

Sounds like a typical Tuesday, right?

But what if you could see your entire week at a glance, neatly organized so that nothing slips through the cracks? That’s where Sunsama steps in with its calendar view feature—a game-changer for those who live by their planner.

The beauty of Sunsama’s calendar view lies not just in its aesthetic appeal but also in how it lays out your tasks and scheduled meetings side by side.

This way, you can spot potential conflicts or double-bookings faster than saying ‘oops.’ And let’s be honest; we’ve all had our share of ‘oops’ moments when two appointments collide. It makes sure you spend time on what matters without overbooking yourself into a frenzy.

Sunsama doesn’t just show you where to be; it helps prioritize your schedule based on urgency and importance.

Imagine dragging and dropping tasks into time slots as easily as moving pieces on a chessboard—except here, every move is geared towards making your workday smoother. Now that’s smart planning.

Crafting Your Daily Symphony

We’ve all heard about marching to the beat of our drum but managing daily chaos requires more than rhythm—it needs harmony too.

With Sunsama’s daily views, crafting your day plan becomes less about guessing games and more about strategic decisions. See upcoming Gmail or Outlook reminders alongside personal goals so no task gets left behind—even those pesky ones we love to procrastinate on.

This visual symphony lets team members chime in harmoniously as well.

Share calendars within the app so everyone knows when collective quiet hours are set for deep focus mode or when brainstorm sessions will have ideas bouncing off virtual walls like ping pong balls at an arcade hall.

A Week Ahead Full Of Promise

Zooming out from daily details brings us to weekly vistas—an aerial view offering perspective only gained from higher ground.

Set weekly objectives confidently knowing each block fits together seamlessly across days leading up to Friday evening bliss (or Monday morning prep).

Plan without fear because even if plans shift—as they often do—you’ll be well-equipped to adapt quickly, making sure you stay on track toward your bigger-picture goals.

key takeaway

Sunsama turns chaotic schedules into a well-orchestrated symphony, letting you drag and drop tasks and see your week at a glance to avoid double bookings and focus on what’s important. It harmonizes team efforts with shared calendars for better collaboration, ensuring no detail is missed in the daily hustle.

Maximizing Productivity with Task Management Features

Picture your desk swamped with sticky notes, each screaming for attention.

Now imagine them neatly organized in a digital space where you can see everything at a glance—that’s the power of Sunsama’s task management features.

From To-Do List to Done

Sunsama takes the humble to-do list and supercharges it into an actionable task view that is more than just a static list; it’s your productivity cockpit.

Think of it as going from having all these jumbled ideas in your head—like when you’re trying to remember all the ingredients for a recipe—to laying them out on the counter ready to go.

With its sleek interface, Sunsama turns chaotic scribbles into well-defined tasks, so moving from ‘task listed’ to ‘task conquered’ feels like crossing off items on that satisfying grocery checklist.

The transition is seamless because this isn’t about merely checking boxes; it’s about elevating how we complete our work cycles—from inception through execution to closure. This streamlined approach ensures not only are tasks done but also celebrated.

Prioritizing Tasks for Effective Time Management

If every task feels urgent, nothing truly is. That’s why prioritizing tasks in Sunsama isn’t just nice to have—it’s crucial gearwork behind effective time management.

It allows users to identify their mission-critical objectives faster than finding loose change under couch cushions.

This system doesn’t simply tell you what needs doing; rather, it helps pinpoint what should get done first by shining a light on priority items—the ones holding up traffic in your workflow pipeline—and pushing lesser priorities down where they belong: below those high-stakes projects or scheduled meetings crying out for immediate action.

The Weekly Planning Advantage

Weekly planning with Sunsama isn’t just about crossing off tasks—it’s a ritual that transforms your work week.

It’s like laying out a treasure map every Monday morning, where X marks the spot of Friday’s success.

Crafting Your Weekly Objective

Achieving a last-minute victory in soccer is akin to the satisfaction of reaching one’s weekly objectives. That’s what hitting your weekly objectives feels like.

But you can’t shoot on target if you don’t know where the goalpost is. That’s where Sunsama comes in handy; it helps you define those posts clearly at the start of each week.

Setting up your weekly objective might feel like trying to lasso a cloud—tricky and elusive—but with Sunsama, it’s more like building with Legos: one block at a time. You list out all your projects and decide which castle you’re going to build this week. Whether it be increasing sales by 10% or finalizing that project proposal, having these goals front-and-center daily keeps them from being swept away by other urgent but less important tasks.

Sunsama also offers flexibility alongside structure—a winning combo for any productivity ninja. Say goodbye to rigid plans that crumble at life’s surprises and hello to adaptable agendas within an organized framework.

The Art of the Weekly Review

A captain doesn’t set sail without reviewing their maps; similarly, skipping out on Sunsama’s weekly review would be setting course blindfolded into Workload Ocean—you’re bound for Shipwreck Cove.

The art lies in looking back over the past seven days not just as ticks on checklists but as steps toward bigger career milestones.

This retrospective rendezvous allows for tweaking tactics based on outcomes—were some objectives too ambitious or perhaps not challenging enough?

Maybe collaboration was missing from team members who could have turned slow progress into warp-speed achievements.

Here are tips straight from Sunsama HQ on mastering this craft.

If walls could talk, they’d tell tales of productive powerhouses who found a balance between ambition and reality through regular reviews using Sunsama’s thoughtful interface.

Plus, no credit card is needed upfront means there’s nothing stopping anyone from giving their daily workflow a test run with this tool.

Dive in and see how it can streamline your tasks and meetings—risk-free.

Sunsama Across Platforms

As a modern professional, you’re probably not tied to just one device.

You might start your day by checking tasks on your phone, switching to a laptop for deep work sessions, and then grabbing an iPad for some evening planning. Sunsama gets this.

Accessibility on Different Devices

If you use multiple devices throughout the day, Sunsama’s got you covered.

Whether it’s Mac OS for those who love their Apple computers or iOS if iPhones are more of your thing – they’ve made sure that switching between devices is seamless with Sunsama available across platforms.

You might ask: “What about us Android users?”. No worries there. With Sunsama also available on the Android platform, everyone can join in the productivity game.

We all know how important having access to our schedules at any given moment is – we don’t always have time (or patience) to wait until we get back home or the office.

The good news? If web-based accessibility suits your style better than mobile apps do – again; Sunsama’s got you sorted out.

A Seamless Experience Regardless of Device

The best part isn’t just that Sunsama works across these different platforms but rather how seamlessly it does so.

Say goodbye to annoying syncing issues because with Sun Sams everything stays up-to-date regardless of which device you’re using.

This way, whether picking up where left off after a lunch break from an iPhone or doing quick task check-ins while waiting at the dentist’s office via the Android app, every single change will be reflected immediately no matter what platform is being used next.

  • No double-entry errors here folks – changes made on one device are instantly visible on others.
  • Forget about constantly having to update all your devices – Sunsama does it for you automatically.

So, whether you’re a Mac user at the office or an Android fan on the go, Sunsama keeps your work life organized and streamlined.


Sunsama is a task management tool that keeps you organized across all your devices. Whether it’s Mac, iOS, or Android – Sunsama ensures seamless transitions between platforms. Forget about annoying syncing issues or double-entry errors; every change is instantly reflected no matter what device you’re using next.

Time Blocking for Focused Work Sessions

I have juggled multiple projects and felt like a circus performer but somehow still felt stuck in the mud of multitasking madness.

That’s where time blocking comes strutting onto the center stage—a knight in shining armor for anyone drowning in tasks.

Structuring Your Day with Time Blocks

The idea is simple yet revolutionary: slice up your day into dedicated chunks of focused work sessions, each set aside for specific activities or tasks.

By scheduling these blocks ahead of time, you lock yourself away from the world’s chaos—no interruptions allowed. It’s like putting on noise-canceling headphones for your schedule; suddenly, all that background buzz fades away.

Sure, it sounds great in theory—but does it work?

Plenty of people swear by it – ask around and you’ll see. They say that when they dedicate solid periods to their most important jobs without flipping back and forth between emails and spreadsheets every five minutes, they avoid burnout big time.

If ‘time management’ were an Olympic sport (and let’s be honest—it should be), using Sunsama would be akin to having Michael Phelps as your coach.

This planner app doesn’t just store tasks willy-nilly; no sirree. Instead, it helps prioritize schedules so that what needs doing gets done pronto.

But here’s the kicker—you can tailor those blocks according to how long different types of work typically take you or match them with high-energy times during your day plan.

Think about slotting intensive brainstorming sessions right after chugging down morning coffee when creativity peaks—or leaving mind-numbing admin chores until later when the caffeine starts wearing off anyway.

To put the icing on this productivity cake, Sunsama integrates smoothly with Gmail Outlook Calendar views so that not only do scheduled meetings automatically become part of today’s agenda but also help visualize how much free space there is (or isn’t).

This structured approach takes “I’ll just wing it” out of the equation.

By having a clear plan, you’re set up for success from the start. Once the time arrives to get serious, you can concentrate on executing your plan without hesitation or doubt.

key takeaway

Time blocking transforms chaos into focus by carving out specific periods for tasks, shielding you from distractions. Sunsama takes it up a notch by tailoring blocks to your work patterns and syncing with calendars for seamless scheduling—setting the stage for efficient execution.

Email Integration in Sunsama

Sunsama’s integration with email services is a game-changer for productivity.

With features that let you connect multiple Gmail accounts and reduce time spent on emails, it takes multitasking to the next level.

Connecting Multiple Gmail Accounts

If you’re like me and juggle more than one Gmail account, then Sunsama will be your new best friend.

The platform allows users to link multiple Gmail accounts seamlessly. This means no more toggling between tabs or forgetting which account received what message.

This feature not only simplifies management but also enhances efficiency by bringing all of your important communications into one unified space.

It’s akin to having all your letters delivered to a single mailbox instead of scattered across town – less running around, right?

Reducing Time Spent on Emails

Emails can eat up precious hours in our day if we let them.

But fear not. Sunsama has taken steps towards reducing this notorious time sinkhole by removing hidden pixel tracking from emails.

Why is this important? Well, these tiny pixels are often used by marketers to track when an email is opened or interacted with – kind of like digital breadcrumbs leading back to your inbox activity. Here’s a quick rundown.

While they don’t affect the content of the mail itself, knowing someone else might be watching could make us hesitate before opening certain messages or responding promptly.

In essence, getting rid of them helps declutter our mental workspace so we can focus more effectively on what matters – tackling those tasks head-on.

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Integration with Other Applications

Sunsama’s ability to integrate with other applications is a key part of its charm.

It’s like being able to use your favorite superhero powers, but all in one app. You’re not limited to Sunsama’s native capabilities because it can seamlessly blend with popular productivity tools.

The big question though: Which apps does Sunsama play nicely with? Let me give you the rundown on some notable ones:

  • Trello: Manage tasks and boards directly from Sunsama. No need for constant switching between tabs.
  • Github: Developers rejoice. Track issues and pull requests without leaving your task manager.
  • Jira: Stay up-to-date on project status, right within Sunsama’s interface.

Sunsama Offers Integrations – But How?

We’ve discussed who Sunsama integrates with, but how exactly does this work?

Well, think of it as an amazing party where everyone speaks the same language – collaboration becomes effortless.

To get started, navigate over to ‘Settings‘ and then ‘Integrations’. From there, simply choose which apps you want to connect. A few clicks later (depending on how many integrations you’re excited about), and voila.

Your preferred tools are now talking smoothly together under the umbrella of Sunsama.

Making the Most Out Of The Integrations

You might be wondering if these integrations make any real difference or if they’re just fancy additions that look good on paper.

Believe me when I say they can truly change your workflow game. For instance,

  • If you have multiple teams using different platforms such as Trello for marketing folks and Jira for your tech team, Sunsama can bring all those tasks under one roof.
  • It allows you to keep a tab on GitHub issues while planning your day or week in Sunsama. You don’t have to hop between apps constantly.

The point here is that these integrations are not just for show – they’re practical tools designed to make your work life more manageable and less cluttered.


Sunsama’s integration with other apps is like having all your favorite superhero powers in one place. Not only does it play nicely with popular productivity tools such as Trello, Github, and Jira, but setting up these integrations is a breeze. These aren’t just fancy add-ons; they’re practical tools that can streamline your workflow by bringing tasks from different platforms under one roof and reducing the need for constant app-switching.

FAQs in Relation to Sunsama Review

Does Sunsama cost money?

Yes, Sunsama charges $20 per month. But it does offer a 14-day free trial to let you test out its features.

What are the benefits of Sunsama?

Sunsama boosts productivity by combining task and calendar management. It’s ideal for anyone looking to elevate their task management.

What is the difference between Sunsama and Akiflow?

Sunsama focuses on daily planning with integrated calendars while Akiflow leans towards handling tasks via keyboard shortcuts. They serve different user needs in the productivity apps world.


Don’t waste any more time juggling multiple task management tools. Simplify your workflow and boost productivity with Sunsama.

Try Sunsama today and experience the ultimate task management solution!

Sign up now and take control of your tasks like never before.

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