CreativeLive vs Skillshare: Comparing the Best Learning Platforms in 2023

Online learning platforms have become increasingly popular, providing convenient access to a wide range of courses and classes.

When it comes to finding the best platform for enhancing your creative skills, developing technology proficiency, and pursuing professional development, CreativeLive and Skillshare are two of the top contenders.

In this article, I will compare the online learning platforms CreativeLive vs Skillshare, examining their key features, pricing options, course quality, and value for money.

By the end, you will have a clear understanding of which platform is the right fit for your educational needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • CreativeLive and Skillshare are both reputable online learning platforms for creative skills, technology skills, and professional development.
  • Skillshare offers over 27,000 courses taught by skilled individuals and professionals, with a focus on short, easy-to-digest classes.
  • CreativeLive provides over 1,500 lessons taught by experienced instructors, covering a wide range of creative and professional topics.
  • The pricing options for CreativeLive vs Skillshare differ, with Skillshare offering more affordable monthly and annual subscriptions.
  • While Skillshare has a larger course selection, CreativeLive ensures high-quality courses by curating experienced instructors.

CreativeLive vs Skillshare: Two Leading Online Learning Platforms

CreativeLive and Skillshare are two of the leading online learning platforms, offering students a wide range of courses in various subjects.

Whether you are looking to upskill, reskill, or cross-skill, both companies offer courses with top-quality instructors from around the world and have a variety of topics to choose from.

Let’s compare CreativeLive vs Skillshare and look at the features each offers, how they differ, which is better suited for different types of learners, and more importantly, which is the best choice for your needs.

Key Features of Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning platform that offers an extensive selection of courses taught by skilled individuals and seasoned professionals.

With over 27,000 courses to choose from, there is something for everyone on Skillshare.

CreativeLive vs Skillshare

Whether you’re interested in coding, writing, or business, you’ll find a wide range of classes to suit your needs.

One of the standout features of Skillshare is its collection of over 2,000 free courses.

These courses cover various topics and provide a great opportunity to explore new subjects without any financial commitment. The classes on Skillshare are designed to be short and concise, ranging from 2 to 20 minutes in length.

This makes it easy to fit learning into your busy schedule and allows for quick knowledge acquisition.

A unique aspect of Skillshare is its engagement forum. This feature allows students to interact with each other and seek help from instructors. It fosters a sense of community and provides a platform for collaboration and networking.

Whether you have a question about a course or want to connect with like-minded individuals, the engagement forum is a valuable resource.

Popular Categories on Skillshare

  • Writing
  • Coding
  • Business

“Skillshare offers over 27,000 courses taught by a mix of skilled individuals and seasoned professionals.”

Key Features of Skillshare
Over 27,000 courses
2,000+ free courses
Short and concise classes
Engagement forum for interaction
Popular categories: writing, coding, business

Who Should Use Skillshare

If you’re looking to develop your coding skills, enhance your writing abilities, or delve into the world of creative arts, Skillshare is the perfect learning platform for you.

With its wide range of courses and diverse community of instructors, Skillshare caters to individuals of all skill levels and interests.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to start from scratch or an experienced professional seeking to refine your craft, Skillshare has something for everyone.

One of the standout features of Skillshare is its extensive offering of coding classes. If you’ve always wanted to learn programming languages like Python, HTML, and CSS, Skillshare has beginner-friendly courses that will guide you through the fundamentals.

These classes make coding accessible and enjoyable, even for those who have no prior experience in programming.

In addition to coding, Skillshare also offers a wide range of writing classes. Whether you’re interested in creative writing, content writing, or copywriting, Skillshare has expert-led courses that will help you hone your skills and unleash your creativity.

These courses provide valuable insights and practical techniques that will set you on the path to becoming a proficient writer.

Finally, if you’re passionate about developing your creative skills in areas such as design, photography, or illustration, Skillshare is the place to be.

With courses taught by skilled professionals, you’ll have the opportunity to learn new techniques, explore different styles, and unleash your artistic potential.

Skillshare’s diverse community of creatives allows for collaboration and feedback, creating an inspiring learning environment.

Key Features of CreativeLive

When it comes to learning creative and professional development skills, CreativeLive offers a range of key features that set it apart.

CreativeLive Home

With over 1,500 lessons taught by more than 700 experienced instructors, CreativeLive ensures high-quality education for its students.

One of the standout features of CreativeLive is the diverse range of topics covered in their courses. From art and writing to stress management and blogging, CreativeLive offers a wide array of subjects to suit different interests and career paths.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a professional looking to enhance your copywriting skills, CreativeLive has you covered.

Another highlight of CreativeLive is its emphasis on soft skills development.

While technical skills are important, it’s often the soft skills that set professionals apart.

CreativeLive recognizes this and offers courses that help students enhance their communication, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. By focusing on these essential skills, CreativeLive equips its students with the tools they need to succeed in their careers.

Key Features of CreativeLiveBenefits
Wide range of topicsAllows students to explore various interests and career paths
Emphasis on soft skillsEquips students with essential abilities for career success
High-quality coursesEnsures students receive valuable and relevant education

Who Should Use CreativeLive

CreativeLive is a versatile learning platform that caters to professionals seeking to enhance their skills in various creative fields.

Whether you are an aspiring blogger, a photography enthusiast, or someone interested in mental health and productivity, CreativeLive offers a wide range of engaging courses tailored to meet your specific needs.

If you are looking to start a successful blog or improve your existing one, CreativeLive offers blogging courses that cover essential topics such as content creation, SEO optimization, and monetization strategies.

These courses provide valuable insights and practical tips from industry experts, helping you take your blog to the next level.

Photography enthusiasts can also benefit greatly from CreativeLive’s highly-rated photography courses.

From portrait photography to capturing stunning images of nature and landscapes, these courses offer valuable techniques and expert guidance to improve your photography skills and create visually captivating images.

Table: Popular CreativeLive Courses

Blogging to Sell Your ProductsBlogging4.8/5
Portrait Photography MasterclassPhotography4.9/5
Copywriters for CraftersWriting4.7/5
Mental Health and ProductivityMental Health4.6/5

Additionally, CreativeLive offers courses focused on mental health and productivity. These courses address topics such as stress management, work-life balance, and personal development.

Whether you’re seeking strategies to maintain overall well-being or looking to enhance your productivity, CreativeLive has valuable lessons to support your mental health journey.

Overall, CreativeLive is an excellent choice for professionals who want to develop their skills and pursue their passions in blogging, photography, writing, and mental health.

With a diverse range of courses and expert instructors, CreativeLive provides a valuable learning experience tailored to your creative and professional development needs.

Pricing Comparison

When it comes to choosing an online learning platform, pricing plays a crucial role.

So, what are the pricing options offered by Skillshare vs CreativeLive to help you make an informed decision?

Skillshare Pricing

Skillshare offers two main subscription options. The monthly subscription plan costs $32 per month, giving you unlimited access to all the courses on the platform.

If you prefer a longer commitment, you can opt for the annual subscription at $168, which averages out to $14 per month. This option provides the same benefits as the monthly subscription but at a discounted rate.

CreativeLive Pricing

CreativeLive also offers subscription plans, with two options to choose from. The monthly subscription plan is priced at $39 per month, granting you unlimited access to all the courses.

If you prefer a more cost-effective option, you can opt for the annual subscription plan at $299 per year. This plan provides you with a full year of access to the platform and allows you to save significantly compared to the monthly subscription.

In addition to the subscription plans, both Skillshare and CreativeLive offer individual courses that can be purchased separately.

The prices for these courses vary, ranging from $17 to $199, depending on the content and instructor.

 Monthly SubscriptionAnnual SubscriptionIndividual Courses
Skillshare$32 per month$168 per year ($14 per month)$17 – $199
CreativeLive$39 per month$299 per year$17 – $199

Overall, while Skillshare offers a slightly more affordable monthly subscription option, CreativeLive provides more pricing flexibility with its annual subscription plan.

Additionally, both platforms allow you to purchase individual courses separately, giving you the freedom to choose the learning options that best fit your budget and needs.

Quality of Courses and Value for Money

When it comes to evaluating the quality of courses and determining the value for money, both Skillshare and CreativeLive offer unique aspects worth considering.

Skillshare boasts a vast library of over 27,000 courses, covering a wide range of topics. While this extensive selection provides ample choice for learners, it’s important to note that the quality of courses can vary. Since anyone can upload courses on Skillshare, the platform does not have a stringent vetting process.

As a result, some courses may not meet the same standards as those found on CreativeLive.

However, Skillshare’s affordability makes it an appealing option for individuals looking to explore different subjects and gain a variety of skills.

In contrast, CreativeLive focuses on curating high-quality courses taught by experienced and award-winning instructors.

With over 1,500 lessons available, CreativeLive offers a more tailored approach for creative professionals. The platform’s emphasis on specific creative and professional development areas ensures that learners receive in-depth and valuable insights.

Although CreativeLive’s course selection may not rival Skillshare’s in terms of quantity, the quality and expertise of the instructors make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking comprehensive learning experiences.

Quality courses are essential for maximizing the value of online learning platforms. Skillshare provides a wide variety of classes at an affordable price, while CreativeLive delivers in-depth and curated courses taught by industry experts. The choice between the two ultimately depends on individual preferences and the level of specialization desired.

Regarding value for money, both Skillshare and CreativeLive offer pricing plans to suit different budgets. Skillshare’s monthly subscription plan starts at $32, and its annual membership averages at $14 per month.

In contrast, CreativeLive offers a monthly subscription plan for $39 and an annual subscription plan for $299. CreativeLive also allows students to purchase individual courses, which range from $17 to $199.

Although Skillshare may be considered more affordable, CreativeLive’s pricing options provide greater flexibility and cater to a wider range of learning needs and preferences.

PlatformPricingCourse Quality
SkillshareMonthly subscription: $32
Annual subscription: $168 ($14/month)
Varies; anyone can upload courses
CreativeLiveMonthly subscription: $39
Annual subscription: $299
Individual courses: $17 – $199
Curated courses taught by industry experts

Summing Up

In summary, while Skillshare offers a vast array of courses at a more affordable price point, CreativeLive stands out for its curated courses taught by industry experts.

Skillshare caters to those looking for a broad range of topics, making it an excellent choice for learners who want to explore different subjects.

On the other hand, CreativeLive specializes in providing high-quality courses in specific creative and professional development areas.

Ultimately, the decision between Skillshare and CreativeLive depends on individual preferences, learning goals, and the level of specialization desired.

Ease of Use and Accessibility

When it comes to accessibility and ease of use, both Skillshare and CreativeLive are designed to cater to the needs of their users.

Both platforms can be accessed on various devices, including mobile phones, smart TVs, computers, and laptops. This allows students to learn anytime and anywhere, providing convenience and flexibility.

Skillshare and CreativeLive have user-friendly interfaces, making it easy for students to navigate through the platforms.

The clean layout and intuitive design ensure a seamless learning experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned learner, both platforms provide straightforward navigation, allowing you to find the courses and resources you need with ease.

Mobile Access

One area where both Skillshare and CreativeLive excel is mobile access. Both platforms have dedicated mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices. This means you can access your courses and continue your learning journey on the go. Whether you’re on a bus, at a coffee shop, or traveling, you can conveniently access your courses and learn at your own pace.

“The mobile apps for Skillshare and CreativeLive are fantastic. I love being able to access my courses whenever and wherever I want, even when I’m not near my computer.” – A satisfied user

In addition to mobile access, CreativeLive goes the extra mile by offering PDF resources for their courses. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with hearing or visual impairments. By providing written resources, CreativeLive ensures that everyone can access and benefit from their courses, regardless of any limitations they may have.

AccessibilityAccessible on mobile phones, smart TVs, computers, and laptopsAccessible on mobile phones, smart TVs, computers, and laptops
User-Friendly InterfaceIntuitive design for easy navigationIntuitive design for easy navigation
Mobile AppAvailable for iOS and Android devicesAvailable for iOS and Android devices
PDF ResourcesN/AProvided for courses, ensuring accessibility for all learners


After thoroughly comparing CreativeLive vs Skillshare, I have come to a conclusion about which platform is the best for online learning.

Both platforms offer valuable courses and have their own unique features. Skillshare, with its vast course library and affordable pricing options, is perfect for those who want to explore a wide range of topics and learn on a budget.

On the other hand, CreativeLive stands out for its high-quality courses taught by experienced and award-winning instructors. It focuses on specific areas of creative and professional development, making it an excellent choice for individuals looking to delve deeper into their chosen fields.

When it comes to accessibility, both platforms are user-friendly and accessible on various devices.

However, CreativeLive goes the extra mile by providing PDF resources for their courses, ensuring accessibility for individuals with hearing or visual impairments.

In the end, choosing the best learning platform between CreativeLive and Skillshare ultimately depends on your specific learning needs and preferences.

Skillshare offers a wide variety of courses at an affordable price, making it a great option for exploring different topics.

However, CreativeLive offers high-quality, tailored courses for professionals seeking to enhance their skills in specific areas.

Consider your goals, interests, and budget before making your decision. Happy learning!

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